Keep Diseases Away With Olive Oil

Immaculate might be the right word, when we talk about olive oil for it is flawless and rich, owing to its very beautiful golden glaze, amazing taste and high nutrient value. The benefits of olive oil are unparalleled and research reveals new benefits every day. All we can say is that we are just starting to identify olive oil health benefits and have a long way to go with this relationship. After all it is the keystone to one of the oldest living civilizations in the world, the Mediterranean civilization.

Olive oil is way more than just cholesterol free cooking oil; it has multiple health benefits and makes it for excellent choice of oil for various people with different kinds of health problems. Also, it serves as a preventive measure for a lot of problems that can occur to a perfectly healthy person.

Type 2 Diabetes
People with diabetes are usually prescribed a low fat diet. What matters is the type of fat. People consuming olive oil rich diets were found to have 50% less chance of having type 2diabetes.

After a research including over 7000 people, it was found that people who consumed olive oil regularly in cooking as well as dressing has a 41% lower risk of a heart stroke.

Ageing of the heart
A diet rich in olive oil helps keeping the arteries of the blood healthy which in turn slows down the process of the ageing of heart with increasing age of a person.

A decrease in bone mass characterises osteporosis. Mostly prevalent in women, the bone density decreases with increasing age. Consuming olive oil helps thickens bones and thus helps fight osteoporosis.

There are a lot of physical health benefits of consuming olive oil, but not known to many people is the facts that, olive oil helps prevent depression as well. Higher consumption of olive oil, according to a study done by Spanish researchers, helps protect from mental illness.

Metabolic Syndrome
Metabolic syndrome is a combination os abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol and high blood sugar.

A new study done about the effects of olive oil on human body in context to the metabolic syndrome revealed that it can reduce the risk of this disease. A Mediterranean style diet including fruits, vegetables, whole green cereals, low fat dairy products regularly and fish, poultry, legumes weekly works best with olive oil to keep the risk of metabolic syndrome away.

Alzheimer’s Disease
Various studies have indicated that oleocanthal in extra virgin olive oil reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline that comes with ageing.