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Ad Placement and the Movies

Many times we see familiar product being displayed in movies that we watch. IF the product is a favorite or if you have something like it, then you get delighted seeing your favorite actor using it or eating it. There are many movies that have been used by product companies to do advertising in a very subtle way. While the are movies where you can hardly notice products that are being advertised because of the subtle way it was presented, you will also find movies that are obviously advertising products. It is said that there are indeed companies that go as far as paying directors and producers to feature their products in their films.

Here are some of the product ads in popular movies we have seen.

Moments of ad space was given to AOL and Starbucks in the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie, Youve Got Mail. AOL was the link between the two main stars and have practically become the star in the film. And Starbucks had its piece of space when Tom Hanks makes a wisecrack about its obscurity.

The Sex and the City film has the most product placement yet. In the hit TV series, fashion has been a constant theme and so in the movie itself, many fashion labels including Louis Vuitton and Chanel were featured. Other products including Nike, U-Haul, Apple, and Marie Claire had made it in the movie as well.

The movie E.T. showed Elliot using Reeses Pieces in order to lure E.T. back to the house, and this was where the Hersheys company was able to cash in. This was a very subtle way of advertising but when the movie became a box office hit, Reeses Pieces sales also sky rocketed. This is a very effective subtle technique. You can discover more about how this technique can work.

In Adam Sandlers movie Little Nicky the ad placement was quite obvious. Popeyes fried chicken was the star, the food the Adam, the son of Satan learns to eat with the help of a talking dog, with a not so obvious K-mart bag on his side.

In the movie Waynes world, the most quotable quote is I will not bow to any sponsor. The plot allowed the blatant advertising in this movie. It was clearly an advertisement for Pizza Hut when he opened a box while saying the famous line. You see Wayne eating from a bag of Doritos and drinking Pepsi while explain that he doesnt believe in selling out. In his own way, Garth had a head to toe advertisement of Reebok while talking on the idea of selling out.

There are many types of reactions when people see familiar products in the movies. Some dont care at all. Some hate it. But there are those who cherish the familiarity. You can reach the worldwide audience with this method of advertising. There are millions of audiences reached especially if advertising is done on a blockbuster movie.