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Tips to Help You Pick the Ideal Identity and Access Management Solution

Identity and access management as embodied in the identity solution of your enterprise may just be the most vital element of the platform of your cybersecurity. In accordance with a consensus form It security experts, CTOs ad CISOs globally, identity was realized to be the topmost pressing issue. It is considered to be more pressing than malware. Picking the ideal identity solution for the enterprise you are running can be a really overwhelming and confusing process. The solution that you pick has the potential of resulting in longterm and rippling effects. Discussed below are a number of things that you should prioritize when selecting an identity and access solution.

To start with consider, the problem that you intend to solve with your identity solution. On its face, you might handle it as a trite question. Actually, this element has shown to be misleadingly difficult for enterprises of all kinds of sizes. There have been numerous cases of enterprises beginning their search of an identity solution void of a good understanding of what they want to solve. Without self-knowledge, there are fewer chances of having the IAM successfully deployed.

Secondly, you should make a decision on if it is necessary to have a managed identity solution. In the event that your IT security team is not capable of handling your identity and access management solution you should go for a managed identity solution. Due to the digital age, your digital team is charged with the responsibility of handling a lot of customers. As a result being able to take away the burden that comes with a number of responsibilities associated with identity solutions is great news for any enterprise. To add to that different identity solutions are going to need different levels of tech knowledge. These days this is difficult to come by.

Thirdly, you should ask your self the number of identities that you need to be secured. You might see this to be so normal. Nevertheless, it is necessary that you are careful. This is attributed to the fact that it can really mislead you. There are high chances of being tempted to simply have each one of your employees counted. Yet this will not be wise. For starters, you need to make a point of considering the third parties that might you may permit to access your IT environment for some reason. Keep in mind that some of the worst data breaches that have occurred in the past are as a result of hackers infiltrating a third party.

Lastly, you should decide whether cloud adoption or digital transformation is suitable for your enterprise. The latest trend for many enterprises has been cloud adoption as well as digital transformation.
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