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How to Buy a Lobster?

Are you wondering why the lobster tank in a grocery store is so crowded and you on the other hand is clueless on how you could find the right one? The truth is, there are two kinds of lobsters and these are soft shell and hard shell lobsters. These shells are basically a function to know if the lobsters have been shed recently or not.

Let’s assume that the lobster you got has soft shells, then you can be assured that the meat in these lobsters are sweet. With regards to hard shell lobsters, you can enjoy it more for it has a hearty meat but can be tougher and fishier too. If you would take a quick look at the underbody of lobster especially on its claws, you’ll see that it’s vibrant red. On new shell, claws are clean while on old shells, they normally have scrapes from when they have banged against rocks. Assuming that it shed recently, expect it to have clean shell without seeing a lot of scrapes.

Here are few other tips to follow if you like to be certain that you’re buying fresh lobsters.

Tip number 1. You do not need to have a good nose to find a fresh lobster – as a matter of fact, smell isn’t a problem for the lobsters have this unique scent when they are alive.

Tip number 2. Lobsters are like fat cow – the primary reason why lobsters are compared to a fat cow is, if you stop feeding these creatures, they will enter survival by consuming their excess protein the moment it knew it has not enough food to eat. So after taking the lobster out of the water, you should consider eating them as soon as possible.

Tip number 3. Size matters – in such case, it is referring to antenna size and it’s a secret when buying one at grocery stores. You might be surprised but the lobsters are eating the antenna of each other. If you will take a good look at the holding tank in grocery stores, most of the time you can say if the lobster has been there for quite some time. It is because of the reason that the antennae are nibbled to the base. Whenever possible, it is perfectly natural to buy lobsters that are fresh and you can do this very easily by looking for ones with long antenna.

It is easy to get lost in the seafood market and just buy any lobster you find but with these tips, it can empower you in buying only the freshest catch.

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