9 Fun Facts You May Not Know About Hair

You might be the person who is combing your hair on a daily basis. But are you sure that you know about them? I don’t think so and I can bet on this. There are several features and factors associated with the hair which you may not know about. Ok let me tell you some of these facts and truths about them one by one:

Constituents: You may have heard the name of a protein namely keratin. Our hair is typically made up of this. It is the same constituent which is found in our finger nails and the upper layer of our skin. Adding to your surprise, the same protein is found in the paws of cat and the feathers of the bird. Herbal hair color has no effect on the structure on the hairs.

Existing color of hair: It may add to your knowledge that black color is the most found hair color in the world while red color is the rarest one. So it is a quite interesting fact that the dark hair colors are the most common colors with black as the common one. Black ayurvedic hair color suits well on almost all people in terms of its look.

Growth: You might be watching from your childhood that your hairs are growing very fast. It is a scientific proven fact that the hair is the second fastest growing tissue of the body. It comes second after the bone marrow in the list.

Sex determination: You may not know that the strand of your hair cannot tell whether you are a male or a female. Although it will give a lot of information about your DNA but not about the sex. Thus it is a fact which almost everyone doesn’t know.

Elasticity : It is a factor which varies in accordance with the geographical. It is a known fact that the elasticity of hair of the Asian people is more than all the people of the world. Their hair grows much faster than the people of other continents. So are you a native of Asia?

Effect of trimming : It is a myth in the mind of peoples that trimming of the hair helps to grow them faster than the usual. It is not the case always as there is not effect of trimming on their growth. Thus just chill about this fact and trim your hair to get style but not for the growth.

Support system: Do you know how much weight can a hair stand lift? Each strand of hair can lift up to 100 grams of weight approximately excluding the weight of herbal hair color. Thus there is a humor associated with your hair that each person nearly have 1, 50, 000 strands that can support the weight of an elephant.

Loss of hair: This is the major problem which is encountered by almost everyone in the world. We lose around 100 to 120 strands each day. This number can be more or less which varies from person to person.

Effect of wetting of hair: One thing is sure that you may have seen but not generalize that your grows around 30% longer when they are wet. Are you shocked or dumbfounded. Wait a second; it is a truth which prevails in the hair care world. Thus next time when you will come out after taking a bath, observe this and feel that you have grown something.