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Some of The Most Fun Things to Do When in Paris

Parisians are people if you understand their language. However you should remain humble and sorry if you cannot speak their language. Also as you try and see what you can enjoy most in Paris you should not get into their way. When in Paris you can be able to do some of the following fun things. This means of transport allows you to move from one location to another easily especially on a hot day. Using a Navigo pass will be much convenient than the metro tickets if you plan to be there for a week. There are some few steps that one needs to follow to get this pass.

Payment for acquiring this pass is made in cash, and so you should have some euros with you. You will the get into a photo booth within the subway to take some pictures. The last Sep will be to collect your Navido pass after paying just a few euros. This will enable you to go anywhere you wish to at any time for one week. For you to fully enjoy the beauty and the history of Paris you will need to hire a tour guide. Most of them even prefer to have their lunch at the park rather than a restaurant.

You will instead make your food from the store because it is cheaper than from the park. It is good French tradition that you will like. Taking photographs at the Louvre is must do a thing for everybody who visits Paris. This causes people to queue for long for them to achieve this goal. Because there are only a few people who know about it, you will be able to get through within just a few minutes. It is also a quick process while queuing to buy your ticket.

Visiting the big mosque should also be in your list when visiting Paris. It is an Arabic architecture which is located in a tranquil neighbourhood. While there, you will need to spend some good time in the sauna if you are a woman. You will be able to purchase your bag at the front desk. You will then receive a rigorous skin scrubbing by the Arabic women after the sauna. Finally they will also give you a great massage. With just a few euros you will like this experience. There are also plenty of other places to visit and things to do while in Paris but these are some that you should not miss.