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List of Incredible Animal Movies to Consider Watching

Having house pets is a sign of the love people have for different animals. Top animations shows peoples love for animals when they experience sad feeling seeing animals facing hardships in the movie. Hence, you will go on an emotional journey when you find a fascinating animal movie. Below is a list of exciting animal films you should add on your watch list.

If you love animals you should consider watching the classic film Flipper. The movie follows a story of a young boy who nurses an injured dolphin back to health. The boy form a deep friendship with the dolphin however his father is against it. Therefore, the boy big role is to change his fathers attitude towards swimming with dolphins and let maintain the friendship with the dolphin.

The next movie to consider watching is Free Willy. You will question the idea of catching animals for attraction when you watch this movie. Many people who watch this movie keep wondering if the whale will reunite with it family making if fun and fascinating to watch.

For animal lovers it will be fun and emotional to watch Finding Nemo. Finding Nemo is among the most popular animation of all time. The movie will make you cry when you experience the hardship of losing a son and the struggle of looking for him as played by the clownfish dad.

Ice Age is the other movie you should consider watching. The movie follows a story of three mismatched animals who are on the journey to take back a baby they saved to its people. Although the animals in this movie may be extinct the adventure of the movie will keep you on edge on the seat.

If you are looking for an animal movie with a sad, beautiful story then you should opt for Hachi: A Dogs Tale. The plot of the movie is about the friendship between an old man and his faithful dog Hachiko. If you love dogs then this movie is perfect for you.

101 Dalmatians is ideal if you are looking for a live action animal film. The plot of the movie is about an attempt to escape the evil Cruella by hundred and one Dalmatians. The company that made this movie was keen on high-quality pictures. You will discover this company behind the movie invested in hiring top animators.

Paulie is the other great movie for people who enjoy animations. You will discover that even pets love having owners when you watch this film. You will also discover the hardships of a pet when being transferred to another owner.

Therefore, you should consider watching any other above films if you love animals.

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