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Examples of the Best Celebrity Weddings of 2018

It is worth to note that the United States records over 2.5 million weddings each year. These are approximately close to 6,200, weddings per day. Such a high number of weddings have made the industry outstanding and hit over $50B mark. Out of the total number of weddings organized each year, there are a high number of them that involve celebrities. Despite the fact that some of them were carried out in secret, they were all gorgeous and worthy a mention. Here are some of the tips of top celebrity weddings that colored 2018.

Firstly, one of the top celebrity weddings that tops the 2018 list is that between Prince Harry with Meghan Markle. This is one of the royal weddings that filled the air with love and left the world with their mouths open. This couple tied their knot at Windsor Castle officiated by St. Georges Chapel. This ceremony that was widely televised, was crowned by a perfect picture and horse-drawn carriages. The cake and Meghans dress went into the memory lane book of record as the best.

Justin Bieber as well as Baldwins wedding is the next celebrity wedding for 2018. This wedding was a courthouse event that was aimed at making their love to be official before the public that had so much speculations that Justin will marry his ex, Selena. There is a lot that Justin Bieber is planning this year in trying to go an extra mile in proofing his love for Hailey.

Another celebrity that wedded in 2018 is Miley Cyrus and his spouse Liam Hemsworth. Miley and Liams wedding comes after 10 years of dating and break ups. The couples journey has not been easy, but for despite the trials on the way, they have been able to overcome their differences and pull up together again. This couples wedding took place over the Christmas festive season.

In addition to the above celebrity wedding that took place in 2018, 2Chainz and Kesha award cannot be left out. The two made their proposal at the Met Gala award, but later turned this into a reality with a noble wedding when the two tied their knots at an elegant mansion in Miami. Moreover, their wedding was attended by only 75 noble guests like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and the rest making it very unique. The wedding was stood out especially who the magnificent as well as bold part of going to an extent of renting a while tiger.

Furthermore, Nick Jonas with his spouse Priyanka Chopra is another example of the 2018 celebrity wedding that was widely celebrated in terms of class, culture, as well as beauty. How the couple managed to organize such a great event that pulled together two cultures is amazing. Nick and Chopras wedding event took place in Jodhpur, India. You should read this page for more about celebrity weddings for 2018.