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Who Are The Top People In Sports That Want Marijuana To Be Legalized?

There is no doubt that the marijuana debate has been dragging for many years. We have two groups; the ones that want the legalization of marijuana and those that dont.

There were findings that show that marijuana has been proven to have medical benefits to the user. It is no doubt that cancer patients are allowed to take marijuana so that they can manage their pain. Other than the medical experts, there are some people who feel like cannabis should be legalized to be used in others areas.

People who are turning heads are the sports legends. There are five major sports legends who share the same belief that marijuana is not bad for sports. They have shown their reasons why they would like cannabis to be used freely in sports. They are;

Rhonda Rousey

Rhonda was an MMA fighter. She was the UFC champion and was very popular for her ruthlessness and lack of fear in the ring. The main reason why she is supporting its use is that she doesnt believe it to be a performance-enhancing drug. Rhonda made this statement when Nick Diaz was suspended after tests confirmed the athlete was using marijuana. This site has more information and you can read more here.

AL Harrington

AL was an NBA player and a respected one. He said that during his career as an NBA player, he used the CBD products to manage and handle pain. Viola Extracts was the company that supplied him with what he needed.

This company has a contract of growing and selling the products to more than 30 stores that are allowed to sell marijuana. AL believes that in around five years, people will take marijuana legally. You can read more here.

Ricky Williams

Ricky Williams never shied away from admitting his use of marijuana when he was playing in the NFL, and later quit after pressure from people.

He entered into a partnership with 420 Games. 420 Games sponsors and hosts games which are based around marijuana. You can read more here.

Kyle Turley

He is a veteran who has over ten seasons in the NFL playing as an offensive lineman. The downside is that he had over 100 concussions.

The pain was too much and he developed an addiction to his painkillers. However, his life changed when he started taking medical marijuana. You can read more here about him.

Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr is not new to people as he was an NBA player but is serving as a coach. He credits the use of marijuana as the main reason he eliminated his back pain. You can read more here.

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