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Reasons Why you Should Travel to Paris

If your hobby is travelling, then you have one of the most amazing hobbies. When you travel, you get to know many things about different parts of the world, different kinds of people and different kinds of cultures. If you are thinking of travelling for your holiday vacation, Paris the way to go since it has all you need for fan. it is known as the most romantic city. Some of the reasons why you should travel to Paris include;

Paris is also known as the food loving nation. In Paris, food is not just food but a necessity for life and it is a joy to be savored thrice a day. Watching how Parisian food is prepared and eaten describes the day to day life of every Parisian. In Paris you will be spoilt by a variety of food to choose from that suits both children and adults from the cafes, street stalls and markets that sell baguettes, cheese and croissants. The adult food include the nicoise salad, French onion soup croquet monsieur, French pastries and a variety of desserts.

It does not matter whether you are a lover of history or not, the history in Paris is enough to make you fascinated. Paris has the world’s most mesmerizing cemetery. It is said that this cemetery has over three hundred thousand bodies buried in it. Other than hosting a large number of graves, it is also home to graves of iconic names in art, music and literature including, Chopin, Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison.

It is also home to the world’s most famous landmarks. The Eiffel tower is one of the most visited landmarks among other landmarks in Paris. The beauty of this tower makes it hard for you as a tourist to ignore climbing the tower in order to have a fantastic view of the city. Other famous landmarks include the Arc de Triumph that was built in honor of the Napoleon’s French Imperial army and the North Dame cathedral that was used as a setting for the novel known as the hunchback of Notre Dame. This arc is also home for the Gothic architecture in the world. Even though pantheon was a church initially, you should visit this place as it is now a necropolis for the prominent deceased citizens.

If you are wondering how you will spend the money you saved for vacation, visit the boutiques in Paris for cloth shopping. Paris being the center of fashion and trend, you will never fail to get yourself the latest trends of clothes. Spoil yourself with luxury and international brand names adorning the street until you satisfy your taste for clothing.

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